From 10 November will be officially available the book: “Care leavers. Giovani, partecipazione e autonomia nel leaving care italiano” published by the Erickson Study Center.

The book is edited by Valerio Belotti (University of Padua), Diletta Mauri (University of Trento) and Federico Zullo (president of Agevolando) but contains the contributions of a series of authors including a chapter edited by four care leavers: Carlo Ferrario, Adina Jujic, Nancy Okwabi Ama and Carol Roncali.

The book tells the story of leaving care in Italy, focusing in particular on the processes aimed at fostering protagonism and advocacy of care leavers. Conceived according to a polyphonic model, it tells what has been done in this field and how much still remains to be done. There is also a chapter by Jim Goddard on leaving care experiences in Europe and around the world.

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