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housing, education to autonomy


Progetto 92 is a social cooperative committed to helping children, young people and families and aims to promote human integration and social integration.
Progetto 92 has twenty years of experience in the Autonomous Province of Trento, growing in the desire to adequately respond to the emerging needs of minors and their families in the area.
It was founded in June 1992 by people who lived and shared the experience of the Murialdo Community, which since 1979 has managed reception facilities for minors in difficulty in Trento. The corporate form of social cooperative was chosen because more than the others it expresses and understands the idealities and aims that are to be pursued. Born with 16 employees and the management of apartment groups, a day center and experimentation of home education interventions.
Over the years it has gradually developed a variety of socio-educational services through important experiences of planning and social innovation aimed at the Trentino Community. Today it has over 160 employees, a social base of 128 units and numerous services to support the family, children and young people.

Intended outcome(s)

The Autonomous Domicile is an accommodation where children aged between 17 and 25 live, having to think and manage their lives independently, not being able to avail themselves of family or parental support or help from part of the social context in which they live. The goal is to offer them a period of accompaniment to autonomy within protected living spaces with the support of educational figures, through a personalized project and the construction of a network linking the resources for the young people present on the territory.

Established practice

Entries in Autonomous Domiciles take place in collaboration with the Local Social Services. Care leavers could stay in Autonomous Domicile for the period decided with social services, responsible of the whole project. At the end of these projects, if needed, Project 92, according to social services, could give care leavers the opportunity to stay in houses in which even larger autonomy is required. Project 92, to date, sees three Autonomous Female Domiciles in Trento and five Autonomous Male Domiciles.

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