Provider name

Don Bosco Aftercare



Reference person within the institution

Ciaran Kenny

Key words

Aftercare support, participation


Don Bosco Aftercare services provides a range of aftercare support to care leavers in Dublin, Ireland. This ranges from accommodation services to training, employment support, and social events. One of these events is weekly games of soccer with care leavers in Clontarf, Dublin city, in cooperation with Care Leavers' Network Ireland. Weekly games of soccer finish with social pizza and drinks, and a chance for care leavers to socialise. External speakers are invited to come in and talk to the care leavers.

Intended outcome(s)

This provides a chance to male care leavers to enjoy themselves socially, and express themselves in a game of soccer. External inspirational speakers make aa big difference to care leavers being motivated.

Established practice

Commitement to weekly football matches is good practice for care leavers. Don Bosco staff build up a healthy rapport and trust with care leavers. There is good male bonding and expression between the men. Good health and fitness are good practices for care leavers.

A game of football followed by a social gathering with food and light drinks, sometimes with an external speaker.

Topics addressed: Wellness, physical health, bonding, expression, fun games

Conclusions and recommendations

It is good for male care leavers not to have such serious activities, but to do something they really enjoy, like playing football.

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