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AsociaciĆ³n Vasija




Reference person within the institution

Lara Puerta / Javier Tortuero / Carlos Robledo

Key words

care leavers, Vasija, support


Develop actions in favor of young people at risk of social exclusion, and the social integration of regardless of their origin, ethnicity or situation.
For this purpose we develop social, labor, educational and psychosocial support actions.

Intended outcome(s)

This practice has been implemented so society can recognize young people in risk of social exclusion not as a problem but thorugh thier special talents and enrichment of the society. Generate opportunities and support young people in the process of personal maturation.

Established practice

In this project we work with individualized insertion itineraries that adapt to the characteristics of each young person. We propose and adapt short / medium / long term objectives. We carry out training courses and actions adapted to the closest working environment. We carry out an accompaniment service and psychosocial care. We evaluate the intervention processes through interviews and standardized questionnaires. Staff: two workers and a team coordinator. Special value of the project is participation of care leavers who stay in the project as volunteers - support to a new comers and are the one who give support to care leavers in need through all means of moder tehnology but also in joined excursions, socializing (cinema, coffe breaks, ...)

Conclusions and recommendations

This project requires from the workers a series of characteristics: Constancy, patience, empathy, rigor, trust and closeness with the young people because they live complicated situations. We need a lot of support and funding from governments, institutions and civil society itself.

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