Every journey starts with the first step. We started with a big smile.
What was supposed to be a single drive from the airport to the hotel became a friendship.  He decided to show us as much as possible of Ireland’s nature, all that is exposed and hidden.

We proposed walking as the way to explore. As we walked, we laughed and talked all day long as we knew each other forever.  At the end of the day, through a smile he told us he made 14.562 steps that day, by far his own daily record. And this was Shane. Friendly, gentle, witty guy, who was ready to make hundreds and thousands of steps more for other one’s happiness.  

We got the opportunity to meet Shane within the project for care leavers “Leave Care – Live Life”.

Taking care for care leavers was his life mission. Taking care for humankind was his life.

Although Shane is not anymore with us, there are so many steps still made thanks to him.
Every time we think about Shane he brings a smile on our face and we just make one/ten/hundred steps more than we used to.

Ljiljana Ban
Ognjen Livada

The story of Shane Griffin

Photo: Ljiljana, Ognjen and Shane (made on that first day that we met each other)

Video: Shane and Diletta in Maynooth for the project “LeaveCare-LiveLife”