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Social cooperative È Buono



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Federico Zullo

Key words

care leaving, job inclusion


Cooperativa Sociale è Buono was created, with the support and cooperation of the Association Agevolando, to create job opportunities for young people. Especially for those young people who, for various reasons, must very soon begin the journey towards their own autonomy. Through ice cream, Italian excellence in the world of gastronomy, we have created with an innovative and sustainable project, a company that can favor both work and youth entrepreneurship.
This is an artisan activity in the food sector of ice cream that has the executive criteria of excellence of result and that draws the raw material from a social ethical and quality supply chain. The idea was to create a professional laboratory for the production of homemade ice cream made with organic ingredients grown by the social chain. Inside the laboratory, young people leave the protection and protection circuit and other children are welcomed into the community for a gradual start to work.

Intended outcome(s)

The project is not a simple place of insertion at work. they want to create the first business incubator LAB for vulnerable individuals. This implies - immediately - a profound change of mentality and approach, both for the company and for young people. Those who participate will have the concrete possibility of developing their own social enterprise where they will be the protagonist.

Established practice

The project, taking advantage of the commercial logic of the Franchising, actually lays the foundations for a relational continent based on the "win win" concepts where the theme of cooperation leads the company to seek success together because the success of the entire project depends on it. At the moment, there are 4 shops, in Genova, Nervi, Bologna and Verona, and a large number of young care leavers involved under the supervision of senior experts. Many companies and foundations are helping the project.

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