Another wonderful memory of Shane Griffin from Romania:

“I’ve put myself a question – How you remember Shane?

Is not like doing a homework, I don’t feel like that, it’s hard to say something about a man I met so few time, it’s hard to resume a life so complex in a 2 paragraphs text, but surelly I cannot write about him without a sad feeling and a smile, all of them in the same time.

I met him during the project LeaveCareLiveLife, first time when I visited Ireland. The weather, the arhitecture, the atmosphere made me feeling a little bit cold, it was a big temperature difference coming from the south. But Shane welcomed us, and with his jokes, his smile, with his way of communicating things, warmed us all. I don’t know, but I never studied in school irish english, and not always I comprehended all thing said, but I can tell Shane had a special way making himself well understood, using also the body language and the unforgetable smile.

The second time I met Shane was in Bucharest. There I found more about his life story and his struggle for a better life for careleavers. I remember some funny exercises he used for finding inner peace. I was so impressed by his personallity, the shiny Shane with a smile, the other Shane with an unhappy past and the fighter Shane for a better future for care leavers.
I wrote this listening to music, I quote a verse – Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do.

Shane, your memory lives on!”

Adrian Pal