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Social cooperative È Buono


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Tiberiu Antipa

Key words

storytelling, models


Young people are directly confronted with the problems of society and feel the full situation such as exclusion, lack of jobs, and impossibility to ensure a decent life, to become independent. More so, those from state institutions, are punching difficulty barriers to fulfilling their destiny. Each of them has a star that follows, and those who managed to keep with his hands this star are models that can guide young students that are just getting started on the way.

Intended outcome(s)

Goal - The project has an educational goal and consist of participation in volunteering, developing and diversifying actions on youth involvement in community life issues such as social inclusion, career counseling and labor market, motivating by example.
Objective 1. Improving the supply of non-formal education for 2500 (200 students / school) curriculum for young offsetting deficits, by means of two hours / conference in 10 counties, with a total of 30 hours + 20 hours of activity implementation, preparation, evaluation, dissemination, publications. Objective 2. Management and stimulate the interest of young people to participate in civic activities through direct information of a number of 2500 participants and the involvement of at least 30 new volunteers.
Objective 3. Capacity building and relationships for dialogue of the young participants in the personal, social and professional activities by acquiring new perceptual strategies and methods empathetic and non-violent communication
Objective 4. Involvement of at least 30 young institutionalized people or who have left the state system in the project activities and other civic volunteer. Also information and facilitating involvement in the actions of non-governmental associations for school students

Established practice

Careleavers went to public high-schools and they told their stories there. They also spoke about their life in care, about their problems becoming independent.

Conclusions and recommendations

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