After I experienced living in care with group of teenagers and young adults I moved to an intergenerational house.
Intergenerational house is one project within which I lived in a single room, had a supervised individual living and shared the kitchen together with 7-11 other people.
When I arrived the house it was still in phase of renovation, and I liked to stay at home all weekend to offer my help.
About two times a week I had meetings with my youth educator/ supervisor.
In the afternoon I weekly visited therapy groups for young adults.
There, we cooked dinner together or paint pictures.
I was happy to arrive at home again every day and see the community. Sometimes, the people that lived on the other floors of the house organized a party or joined dinners and breakfasts.
I enjoyed being part of that community.
I used to live in another 2-3 institutions before I began to rent my own flat.

(Annika Westphal)