My name is Dèsirèe, I am 34 years old and I grew up “outside the family”; through different experiences: in foster care, in the community, in a day care center.
The first time I entered the community I was 6 years old, I remember a place full of children and adults, of confusion and rules, of many cartoon videotapes.
At the beginning I felt very confused, I had changed school and my class was quite lively.
I never talked to my classmates about living in community. It is not easy for me to think back to those years.
However, I must say that I had a great help and I appreciate that the social services and the community have been able to help and listen to me.
Turning 18 when you live away from family; means facing many difficulties: the fear of not making it, of not respecting the times that others have decided for you, of not being able to afford even a mistake.
Often the kids who live away from the family; feel lonely, so having the opportunity to hang out with other kids who live in community or in foster care through an association, as for me it has been Agevolando, it’s really beautiful.
In 2019 I told my story in a book, “Una storia che parla di te” (A story about you), which also allowed me to embrace my brother Zackaria again.
To educators and social workers I would like to say that I think it is very important to always listen to the point of view of the children and not to give up in the face of refusals and difficulties.
Never turn your back on the young people entrusted to you.
Often it will seem to you that your job may be too difficult, but in reality what you do is truly precious and can change the lives of many.