My name is Federico Zullo and I am a care leaver. I was born in the province of Verona and now live near
Ravenna with my family. In 2010 I founded the Agevolando association, of which I am also president.
When I was a child I had to go and live in a protected community because my father had not recognized me
and my mother was an addict. We were more than thirty children and young people who were estranged from families in difficulty. As soon as I came of age, the time came to go out but I was not yet ready to build a future for myself.
A turning point was needed: I moved to Ferrara and changed my university address. I soon became an educator.
The enthusiasm, passion and desire to return the help received had given me the opportunity to work in the world of children and young people who live outside their family. But there was a problem: when the young people accepted came of age the Social Services no longer provided resources … Where would they go? What would have happened? No, I wasn’t there. All the work done to help and protect them could not be thwarted because of a new abandonment: something had to be done.
So it was born, in April 2010, Agevolando.
It is too risky “abandon” the boys and girls at eighteen!