This is how everything stared, both of my parents deceased and life became very tough, by then my kid sister was just about 9, and I was 12 years old, both me and my kid sis can’t depend on our uncle’s financial assistance, one morning when I had a lot going through my mind, thinking and asking myself, how am I gonna take care of myself and my baby sis? Since my uncle also got his own family to take care of, I dropped out of school and started to sell women merchandise like rings, bracelets, sunglasses, watches in order to save some money, in fact business was good, I did this till I got myself enough money to travel, one thing that I learned was if you want to do something go ahead and do it, just that the beginning of everything is hard but if you have perseverance and determination.

I started my journey from one country to another firstly from a neighboring country called Burkina, and then Mali, Senegal… Where I had nothing left, as a matter of fact no one understood my language and it, I had to find people from Ghana who lived in Senegal that made export and import, and also hadn’t knew a lot of people in Senegal with small scale business were from Ghana, so fortunately for me, every morning I go to market center to offer help and services to some of the Ghanaians that sell at the market, at the end of the each day after business they dash me some ransom; little bit of money, this was how I made a little savings until I got some to restart my previous little business, wrists watches, bracelets, earrings, women bra of all kinds, sunglasses, bathroom slippers etc. It took me 5 years and now that I had enough took the risk of Leaving to Mauritania, which is another neighboring country to pay and take a fishing boats illegally to the one of the Spanish islands called Tenerife, I was in the small fishing boats with a lots of people, and the weather was so good, as a result of that the sea was very calm and no trouble, we were able to make it till “Red Cross” came to our rescued, those of us sick were treated, the next day each and everyone of us had to tell his/her name, country in which he/she came from, age, etc so that the Spanish authority would know about each of us on files and record, we spent almost about 3months on the island before we were separated, since the island got little facilities so they had to send us away to the various big Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, so fortunately for me since I was minor with a couple of boyz, we had a different protections, to live in the care leavers center or foster care homes, in here schooling is free education so is compulsory to study or go to school till you complete or become an adult. I became employee in one of the biggest Spanish recycling company called Ferrovial.