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Denis Ćuhalović

Key words

care leavers, peer support, educational workshops, care leavers association


Care leavers who participated in the youth exchange in Vienna 2016 "Be the change" (in organization of FICE Austria) and in youth exchange in 2017 in Orwelte (organization of Kindeperspecief) got an idea to organize national care leavres network to support each others.

Intended outcome(s)

Peer to peer support to care leavers.

Established practice

So, far association "Moj krug" organized educational workshops for care leavers on topics communication, soft skills, learning forigen languages and educational camp.

Conclusions and recommendations

Care leavers recognise this organisation as their support. Support functions like big sister/big brother where older care leavers with experince in some area give support to care leavers in need. Our plan is to try expand network of this kind all over the world (org. Founded and leaded by careleavers).

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